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emptyBug 4 Musical noteStaff

Click a Song Title or a Worker Ant to Hear a tune

{ Most computers will handle these files easily if browser and media players have been set up to handle audio files. The wav files are about 500KB the midi about 10KB.}

1. Circus Humor_wav___2. Bright Whistel_wav___3. Ragtime_wav___4. Hornmzk_wav___
5. Penguin_midi___6. WRVU76_midi___7. Memory.midi___

 Musical noteStaff
Turn off music-- Click above staff of musical notes

Picture of Author in the Coconino Forest

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Caption= Tile for Table CODE Table
Exp Section# TH tag Tested Subject Code Files Boiler Plate Intended Pg Uses Code Section HREF anchor Example
Experiment 1Planning a Web Page HeadTop Section of Use on each PgClick to see
Experiment 2 Special Chrs for Web Page© © ® ® ¶ ¥: £ ISO Latin-1 Chr SetClick to see
Experiment 3List tagDL UL OL DL UL OLdt dd li Click to see
Experiment 4Tables & Data on Your Web Page??Click to see
Experiment 5Frames Your Web Page??Click to see