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emptyBug 4 Musical noteStaff

Click a Song Title or a Worker Ant to Hear a tune

{ Most computers will handle these files easily if browser and media players have been set up to work with audio files. The wav files are about 500KB the midi about 10KB.}

1. Mozart _wav___2. Bright Whistel_wav___3. Ragtime_wav___4. Hornmzk_wav___
5. Penguin_midi___6. WRVU76_midi___7. Memory.midi___

 Musical noteStaff
Turn off music-- Click above staff of musical notes

Picture of Author in the Coconino Forest

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Caption= Tile for Table CODE Table
Exp Section# TH tag Tested Subject Code Files Boiler Plate Intended Pg Uses Code Section HREF anchor Example
Experiment 1Planning a Web Page HeadTop Section of Use on each PgClick to see
Experiment 2 Special Chrs for Web Page© © ® ® ¶ ¥: £ ISO Latin-1 Chr SetClick to see
Experiment 3List tagDL UL OL DL UL OLdt dd li Click to see
Experiment 4Tables & Data on Your Web Page??Click to see
Experiment 5Frames Your Web Page??Click to see