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If you are researching college programs or reviewing post-secondary studies options in the four corners area, this site is for you. These pages are the first of a group which will target the interest of independent students and researchers looking for information on post secondary education in the four corners states. This initial offering has a suplimentary emphasis on Earth and Space Science Studies and a primary focuse on providing forthcoming information on testing and assessment programs that complement traditional campus post secondary education programs. Help us cut through the the muddle, psychological distance, and off-putting interactions users experience in researching these issues by letting us know how these pages work for you. No doubt, we have much to learn about content, presentation, and focuse in order to reasonably adjust to our visitors. For now, we are content to focus on working out the bugs of going online and piecing together a site that has a range of responces appropreate to our visitor community. Come here to find out about enrollment, learn about unique natural history and natural science resources of the four corners region, or scope out the unique collection of distinguished research sites in Arizona, Colorado, Utah and New Mexico. Please note, we are throughly jazzed when folks actually use our product. We are keen to hear how you and your fellow researchers are resolving your academic planning problems. If you're not opposed to helping us out, drop us a line from time to time, on our easy to use comment pages. In the mean while, enjoy this academic portal, as a quick reference to the regions accredited post secondary eductional programs. Head here for testing advice, practice calculating how credits transfer between programs, review the four corners region accredited post secondary programs, get help decoding the college advising staff's vocabulary, and use this site as a spring board to launch research on national and international college programs.

Rainbow BirdLet's all help-out by sharing the URL with our researching friends. Thanks! Smilly

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