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At academic and research institutions here and around the world humans are decoding the world of science and technology to provide us with an ever changing human experience. Jump on the educational bandwagon. See what kind of credit you can get using today's open source eduction, assessment, and testing options. Below you will find links to four legacy organizations that have helped students earn tens of thousand of college credits by assement examinations.

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Academic Testing Programs may be used to assess your academic progress and are commonly accepted by Colleges and Universities for credit. Total credit awarded, exams accepted, scores required,and applicability to programs varies. It is prudent to refer to college cataloges, student advising, and college testing offices for current policy.
1. CLEP College Level Exam Program 34 Subject Exams
2. DANTES DSST 37 Subject Exams
3. Excelsior College 40 Subject Exams
4. AP Advanced Placement 40 Plus Exams
These four programs alone account for tens of thousands of credit hours granted to college students each year. RETURN to TeacherNotes Pg