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Suggested Grades for Student's Web Pages Assignments

Consider Glen's reflections while on the road to the information HiWay

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My Grade Report

Lesson # Lesson TitlePoints Possible My ScoreGrade
Let's R- Give High Marks like these to my pagesOKOkA+
Lesson 1Intro to CIS233225225A
Lesson 2FTP and Web 250250A
Lesson 3Graphic/Audio225225A
Lesson 4Hyper links101175175A
Lesson 5META tags125125A
Lesson 6Graphics Plans150150A
Lesson 7Imaging Pixs125125A
Lesson 8WYSIWYG225225A
Lesson 9Sound Clips200200A
Lesson 10Special Vis..300300A
Lesson 11Security 150150A
Lesson 12CGI250250A
Lesson 13Protection200200A
Lesson 14Web Portal 150150A
Lesson 15Web Elements150150A
TEST Time for Check up100100A
TestFinal Exam30003000A+

This text is simply typed on the page between these two HR tags w width=100% height=35 and 40 respectively and color specified
Tagged and placed in one cell per HR for a horizonal line

You can choose to hear Auido Files from this site. More will be added soon. Just click a File Below to play the file of your choice. Note if you don't have a suitable player installed these files may not play on your system. Depending on your player set up you may need to use your back button to return to this page after playing music

Click this link to hear a MIDI music Pinguin file Wave music file SFrog.wav

This is another sample table with simple rows color background and border

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Review of LIST making tags for HTML

Glen's List Set-up and review DL dt dd OL li UL li

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This is my first DT DEfination Term written after the DL tag WoW!
There is the first DD Term DEfined
This is the second DD Term DEfined
This is the third DD Term DEfined
This is the second DT DEfination Term to DD Define
This is the first DD under the next DT Term
This is the 2nd DD in the 2nd list
This is the 3rd DD in in the 2nd list
This is another DL with text after it
This is a DT following the DD DL
This is a DD following the DD Dl -- making it twice dd
This is another DL with text after it Does it show NO..
This is a DT following the 3rd DL out from the top
This is the only DD following the 3rd DL out Ok?

And so it goes