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Suggested Grades for Glen's Web Pages Assignments

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Lesson # Lesson Title Points Possible My Score Grade
Let's R- Give High Marks like these to Glen's pages OK Ok! A+
Lesson 1 Intro to CIS233 225 225 A
Lesson 2 FTP and Web 250 250 A
Lesson 3 Graphic/Audio 225 225 A
Lesson 4 Hyper links101 175 175 A
Lesson 5 META tags 125 125 A
Lesson 6 Graphics Plans 150 150 A
Lesson 7 Imaging Pixs 125 125 A
Lesson 8 WYSIWYG 225 225 A
Lesson 9 Sound Clips 200 200 A
Lesson 10 Special Vis.. 300 300 A
Lesson 11 Security 150 150 A
Lesson 12 CGI 250 250 A
Lesson 13 Protection 200 200 A
Lesson 14 WEb Portal 150 150 A
Lesson 15 WEb Elements 150 150 A
TEST Time for Check up 100 100 A
FinWhat a ride..30003000A+

This text is simply typed on the page between these two hr tags width=100% color=330000 height=35

<-- THIS IS A GOOD PLACE TO Break this Page out and Start a Templet Section --8888888--> The BEst of the BEst Use color with Reason. Here I make use of two out of the 16 Web friendly colors Sick of the middle of this page Zip to the Top Click Here

Here is a review of the simple list forms used with HTML 4

The Defination List Using DL Dt Dd tags and automatic indention

This is my first DT DEfination Term WoW!
There is the first DD Term DEfined
This is the second DD Term DEfined
This is the third DD Term DEfined
This is the second DT DEfination Term to DD DEfine
This is the first DD under the next DT Term
This is the 2nd DD in the 2nd list
This is the 3rd DD in in the 2nd list
This is another DL with text after it
This is a DT following the DD DL
THis is a DD following the DD Dl -- making it twice dd
THis is the 3rd DL line w text after tag
This is the 4th DT line w text after
This a DT after a dt with tex
This is a DD line
this is a DD line

The Unordered List Using UL Li

having round bullet, circle bullet, solid square pattern which can be adjusted to user's perference

    This line follows the UL tag
  • This is the first line following the first LI tag in the unordered list
  • this is a second line following a Li tag
      This is a new UL tag and text with-in the first UL tag list..
    • this is the first line in that list following the first new UL list.
    • this is the second line in the new list
        This is the Third UL list TAG in this group of UL list
      • this the the first line follow the 3rd UL tag
      • this is the second line the type bullets default automatically selected

        The Ordered List Using OL Li tags

        options include selections to use alphebetic charactors Aribic numbers or upper/lower Roman numerals upper and lower case
          This line follows the OL tag for and ordered list
        1. This is the first line of the list following the first Li tag
        2. this is the second line of the ordered list
            This is a 2nd OL line within the first one..
          1. this is the first line follow first li and second OL
          2. this is the second line
              This is a 3rd OL tag in this list
            1. this is the 1st Li tag in the 3rd OL list >LI>this is the 2nd Li tag in OL series of three
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